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focused, diverse, experienced


M Kidd Properties maintains a spanning portfolio, we represent Buyers, Landlords and Owners of commercial properties. Experience is the unifying theme. Our priority is to attentively understand your business requirements and identify an equitable solution that meets the needs of your financial and operational objectives. By applying our experience and market intelligence, we work with you to develop a strategy to determine the best fit for your criteria.


To maximize future capitalization or stabilized cash flow, we work to evaluate the motivations and goals of the owner. In doing so, we combine our experience, relationships and creativity to work for the benefit of our client. The key to a rewarding commercial leasing experience is forming a partnership between Landlord and Tenant to create a positive and successful space.


M Kidd Properties maintains a spanning portfolio representing users, investors and developers in buying and selling commercial properties. Throughout the acquisition process, we work with you to establish a timeline, utilize our market knowledge to establish opportunities and remain one step ahead during the due diligence process through closing. When representing owners, we attract Buyers by applying our creativity to our marketing materials and utilize our relationships with the brokerage community to maximize exposure and closely usher the process through closing.